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Harristown State High School

r6digital, Teacher Librarian, Harristown State High School | 1, August 2022

“Changing to Infiniti has been a very positive experience for our Library and Library users.”

The support website contained detailed guides to assist us transferring data from our old system and support us as we learnt the new system. The cataloguing and report modules were a functional improvement for library staff. The support desk have been helpful especially as we worked out the best way to import and integrate data from OneSchool (our student administration system), ClickView videos and other subscription systems.

For students and staff, the search features are easy to use and students can see at a glance their loans and reserve titles. User experience was high on our criteria and Infiniti doesn’t disappoint. Students are able to search for books, files, eBooks, ClickView videos and database articles on a topic. Resources can be previewed from the Infiniti screen or linked easily.

Using the Resource Box feature, we can easily build Reading Book Boxes for loan to classes each term and curate Research Book Boxes for lesson loan to enable teachers to effortlessly facilitate guided research with their classes. We genrefied our Fiction collection soon after adopting Infiniti and were able to create sections for the different genres to make it simple for both student search and staff stocktake.

LibPaths is a brilliant tool that enhances the way our library targets resources for students to support them as they read and research. We have tailored home, reading, study and research tabs for the different year levels. As part of cooperative planning with teachers, we are able to curate LibPaths and specific portlets to support research for different subjects. The Referencing LibPath is used frequently with students able to view embedded videos and download study guides for use as they need. Junior secondary students have a different view of the Library online each term as LibPaths can be turned on or off to suit their assessment. Assignment LibPaths display links to key sources, videos and a carousel of print books students can access.

Staff conducted an extensive evaluation process to decide on Infiniti as our Library Management System. It was a good decision.

– Clare Treloar, Teacher Librarian