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LibPaths simplifies curation, sharing, and publishing of digital resources, ensuring library teams and teachers will enjoy working with it, and students will love using it.

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Support teaching & learning

Quickly curate and publish highly relevant digital content. LibPaths will change the way your students and teachers interface and interact with digital resources. Let our expert team show you how simple and easy it is to support teaching and learning in class, blended, and online education programs in your school.

LibPaths will be your digital curation platform of choice for online pedagogy!

Why LibPaths?

High Quality Instructional Materials

Access a shared hub of hundreds of professionally created HQIM.

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Easy to create and customise

Drag and drop editing, multiple layouts, school branding, customise for diverse learning styles.

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Easy to target and time

Schedule delivery of HQIM to sync with each student’s timetable, year after year.

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Convenient delivery

Deliver directly to student and teacher fingertips – wherever they happen to be.

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Device independent

100% responsive. Create on any size monitor, display on any size device.

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Help Desk, online tutorials, video library, and PD webinars at your fingertips.

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Shared resources library

Free access to, and use of professionally curated digital resources.

PortalHub is a shared bank of resource portals covering multiple academic years, subjects, and topics suitable for multiple curricula, all designed by teaching professionals.

Browse PortalHub from your LibPaths Editor, import selected portals, edit, disassemble, reassemble, and then publish them according to your specific teaching and learning requirements:

  • or just use them as they were delivered
  • or, even make your own…
Why you need LibPaths. Read the latest research …
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Easy to create & customise

Teaching and learning portals to suit your school’s specific requirements.​

Create interactive information portals that support specific curriculum areas. Perfect for creating study guides and curating content tailored to specific year levels, subjects, and special interest groups.

Adjust the presentation, drag and drop layouts, schedule to automatically show/hide, turn on auto navigation, and deliver securely to where your students and teachers expect to find them.

All without writing a line of code! ​

Start with a brand new portal, copy and modify an existing portal, or import a portal from PortalHub and modify it as required. How easy can it be!

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Easy to target & time

Students see only the portals relevant to them – when they need to see them!​

LibPaths automatically delivers portals to each student’s device based on their Personal Learning Profile in sync with their class timetable:

  • subject groups,
  • year groups,
  • extra-curricular groups,
  • co-curricular groups,
  • special interest groups,
  • individual learning programs

and then schedule their publication dates to synchronise with the teaching timetable. All without writing a line of code!

Ensure your students and teachers do not have to navigate menus to find what they need, when they need it. One click and it’s there!

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Convenient delivery

Deliver resource portals to most learning support platforms. ​

Integrate with:​

  • library management systems; Infiniti, Oliver v5, Accessit, Destiny … and many others,
  • learning management systems; Canvas, Compass, Edumate, Firefly, Google Classroom, ManageBac, Moodle, Schoolbox, Schoology, SEQTA … and many others,
  • electronic task sheets, Zoom, MS Teams, OneNote, email, social media … and other collaboration and communication platforms.

LibPaths will become the central supporting pillar of your online and hybrid teaching and learning program!

Create on your large monitor knowing all portals automatically resize on all devices

Device Independent

Portals are automatically 100% responsive – build on a desktop computer and deliver to any mobile or portable device without worrying about how it will display and without the need for a special app – you don’t even have to check!

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We stake our reputation on it.

  • conversion assistance for:
    • LearnPath
    • LibGuides
  • PortalHub portal library
  • dedicated customer on-boarding process
  • integrated, online, self-paced tutorials
  • helpdesk
  • 4-hour turn around on support tickets
  • online context sensitive documentation
  • video support library
  • PD webinars on request
  • free topical webinars throughout the year
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