IT Managers

Would you and your school leadership team like to:

  • lower your school’s IT costs
  • reduce IT management and maintenance
  • improve IT services
  • increase platform reliability
  • deliver 100% responsive user experiences
  • guarantee high level data security and privacy
  • simplify cross-platform integration
  • automate student data transfer
  • enable authenticated access
  • monitor email delivery
  • align to standards
  • ensure 99.5% guaranteed uptime

You can do all this and more when you use Concord’s cloud-native library management system and digital curation platform to support your school’s IT ecosystem and pedagogy .

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Cloud-native – Naturally

It’s great to be different.

Concord’s cloud-native school library management system Infiniti, and digital curation platform LibPaths, were built in the cloud, for the cloud, and not just pre-Web 2.0 products modified and migrated to a hosting service. You can see, “feel”, and experience the difference in seconds when you compare them with other products in the same class.

So what is the difference between cloud-native and cloud-hosted?

Cloud-native makes our products unique in the Pre-K-12 school library management marketplace. Why? Because they’re contemporary websites.

Infiniti and LibPaths run in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centres and infrastructure.

Next time you hear someone bandying around the term cloud, stop to ask do they mean cloud-native or cloud-hosted.

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What will using cloud-native mean for you and your school?
  • Infiniti delivers a comprehensive suite of functional modules to meet the demands of a modern school library.
  • LibPaths delivers an extensive suite of digital curation tools to meet the expectations of your entire school community.
  • Regular and timely software upgrades anywhere in the world.
  • Comfort knowing your library is always running the latest version of Infiniti and LibPaths.
  • Guaranteed access to Infiniti and LibPaths for a minimum 99.5% of the year.
  • Rapid help desk support and rapid technical maintenance support.
  • Automated daily backups and proven disaster recovery.

After we move your library to Infiniti or set up your LibPaths your costs will drop, the quality of your service will improve, and your student engagement will increase. Importantly, your data will be stored securely in compliance with data sovereignty regulations and privacy regimes, including GDPR.

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Security and privacy

Your most critical concern; our number one priority.

We guarantee that your data will be stored in compliance with your country’s security and privacy legislation, including GDPR.

​Research shows that cloud-based school library management systems are more secure than on-premise ones, because cloud providers spend more time implementing security measures than schools can do themselves. This article recently published on ComputerWorld explains: Public cloud vs. on-premises: Which is more secure?

Our products are authenticated via Active Directory, LDAP/S, SAML2.0, OpenID Connect, or Google Identity Service eliminating the frustration of multiple password challenges. Not only is Infiniti and LibPaths encrypted on AWS, all data communication passes along encrypted data connections. And 2-factor authentication is implemented for that additional peace of mind.


Both Concord Infiniti and Concord LibPaths successfully qualified to be part of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools (ST4S) product badge program in 2022. The ST4S service is an Australian and New Zealand standardised approach to evaluating digital products and services used by schools across Australia and New Zealand and is supported by the State and Territory education departments and the Catholic and Independent school sectors.

Safer Technologies 4 Schools

What exactly is cloud-native?

Next time you hear someone bandying around the term cloud, stop to ask if they actually mean cloud-native.

Integrate with your student administration system

Want to automate the process of transferring data from your student administration system or other single point of truth environment to Infiniti and LibPaths – no problem.

Concord provides two simple, fast, and effective methods of automatic data transfer:

  • autoSync – included with your Infiniti and LibPaths, transfer basic student student profile data, email contacts’ data, class groups, and student photos
  • Wonde – choose to use our Wonde API to transfer basic profile data

Connect via your Single Sign On provider

Every school wants to control access to their technology ecosystem by providing a quick, safe, and robust method that will ensure their students and teachers have authenticated access to the systems that make up their teaching and learning environment. Authenticate once and freely move between library, learning management system, subscription databases, and other services in the school’s ecosystem.

So as well as a traditional login option, you can set up authentication via:

  • Active Directory
  • LDAP/S
  • SAML 2.0 (MS Azure/365)
  • OpenID Connect
  • Google Identity Service
  • ManageBac

See why a cloud-native library management system is better

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