Pre-K12 Schools

Fostering an early love for libraries and reading, and continuing to build that into a structured and guided approach to developing sound research skills, provides all students with a continuum of knowledge, skills, and success through the library.

Infiniti has been carefully designed to streamline library management across multiple campuses and libraries while simultaneously supporting students from early years to the end of secondary school.

​Start by engaging primary students with the library via PicPAC, an exciting picture-driven search interface specifically designed for younger students, before continuing with LibPaths, a flexible platform to curate digital information to support both online and blended classrooms.

Infiniti and LibPaths can be used on desktop and laptop computers, and across all mobile devices without the need for a special app, ensuring everyone can readily access your library and digital resources from anywhere at any time.

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Research shows that interactive experiences drive higher engagement with students.

Would you like to achieve higher engagement from, and deliver better support to your students?

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Streamline cataloguing, circulation, federated searching, reporting and all other school library management tasks. Give your library team an easy-to-use, pleasant, and productive workspace to run your library. Engage your students with the best interactive library experiences.

Make every student’s library experience as enjoyable as their favourite daily technology experiences.

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Streamline curation, management sharing, and distribution of digital teaching and learning resources in an easy-to-use, pleasant, and productive workspace. Support your teachers and students with engaging online teaching and learning experiences when and where they need them.

Make everyone’s teaching and learning experiences as much fun as their other technology experiences.

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