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New logo, new website – new normal

5, September 2020

Concord has a new logo and a new website.

For a long time now we have focused the development of Infiniti on the expectation that school libraries would play a major role in supporting their school’s online learning program. That expectation has never been more clearly defined than it is now.

The COVID-19 shutdown of schools around the world has demonstrated just how important your school library is to your school’s online learning program and remote learning.

For our customers it has been a largely underwhelming task to support remote learning – even for those schools managing big communities of students, well into the thousands.

Libraries using Infiniti didn’t skip a beat in March as they transitioned to supporting online education in their schools – in fact many hit a new stride. Infiniti and LibPaths have been and will be life lines in these “new normal” times for students and teachers.

The move to delivering lessons online has all been done in a time when we are facing a lack of calm and clarity and being given conflicting advice and opinions – which is adding considerable stress for teachers and students.

At Concord Infiniti we have been busy behind-the-scenes updating our software platform and brand, all with the goal of better communicating with our customers.

With Concord Infiniti as your school’s library management system, your school will be much better prepared to deliver online education support services to students, teachers, and parents as schools move into the “new normal”.

The Concord Team